Fannin County Museum of History


One Main Street, Bonham, Texas

The Museum holds a collection of World War I memorabilia.

A recent addition to this collection is this wonderful memorial.  Named Gold Star Record of Our Honored Dead, it contains numbered photographs of 39 servicemen.

They are:

​35.  Rufus K. Anderson  
9.  Samuel F. Bell  
37.  Chas. W. Bendle 
27.  J. Earl Blalock.

38. John N. Bowers.  
16.  Marshall D. Boyd. 
32.  Clarence Bratcher  
36. Waldo Cain  
14.  Julian O. Duke. 
22. L. E. Eagleton
5.  Wm. E. England  
17.  L. Frank Garrett  
11.  John T. Hutton 
7.  Harry Loflin 
4.  Jesse R. McKinzie
13.  J. B. Merrill  
19.  Roy Moreland
8. Taylor H. Nance
12.  John W. Norton
10.  Claud T. Owens.
7.  Harry Loflin  
1. Walter S. Preddy

33. Thomas S. Rogers 
6. Rufus A. Shelton 
26.  J. Earl Skeen 
28.  Hugh A. Stevens 
23.  J. Foster Stevens 
25.  Jacob L. Terrell  
24.  Grover C. Todd  
20. J. Frank Walker 
39. M. E. Whaley  
21.  Wm. Cliff Whaley  
31.  Chas. M. Wharton
29.  Jack M. White. 
2. Roy V. White 
3.  R. L. Winningham  
34.  Herbert c. Wilson  

15.  Wm. E. Wilson 
30  J. Fred Youree  ​​

Additional information about these men and others from Fannin County who died during World War I is at the Fannin County Historical Commission website.

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